Daily Discovery: Los Bitchos – La Bomba

Los Bitchos have launched their new single ‘La Bomba’ via CitySlang, featuring a mix of disco beats, sharp guitar tones, and energetic synths.

The song adopts a direct pop structure with clear disco influences, notably in the catchy bass line and steady drumbeats. The music video complements the track’s high energy with quick cuts and vibrant visuals. ‘La Bomba’ has gained popularity at festivals for its lively and engaging atmosphere.

Los Bitchos, a London-based band, blends various musical styles including chicha, cumbia, psychedelic pop, and surf guitars. The group consists of Serra Petale on guitar, Agustina Ruiz on keytar, Josefine Jonsson on bass, and Nic Crawshaw on drums.

You can listen to and download ‘La Bomba’ HERE