Daily Discovery: KALK¥L – Bon Retour À La Maison

“Bon Retour À La Maison” is the latest single from KALK¥L, a Mannheim-based band known for their indie and retro-soul sound.

This track, a collaboration with French artist Laventure, features the rhythmic influences of Tony Allen and is enriched with soulful horns by Julian Maier-Hauff, who has worked with artists like Samy Deluxe and MINE. The single is produced by Michael Nowatzky and mastered by Grammy-nominated Zino Mikorey, known for his work with Parcels and Alice Phoebe Lou.

The track offers a rich, analog sound that evokes the warm, nostalgic feeling of returning home after a long journey. “Bon Retour À La Maison” is the first release in a series of three tracks from their upcoming EP, promising a blend of smooth indie vibes and deep soul touches.

You can listen to and download the single HERE