Daily Discovery: Jerome Jouannic & Les Papas Gombos – Magadi & Léraï

The video featuring “Magadi & Léraï,” a track from the 2022 album Ko Zom Silaga, shines a spotlight on Jérome Jouannic, a drummer and percussionist based in Paris with deep ties to Burkina Faso’s musical traditions. Jouannic’s career includes collaborations with esteemed artists such as Dramane Dembélé and Ibrahim Keita.

Since 2020, Jouannic has been actively merging the musical worlds of Paris and Ouagadougou with Les Papas Gombos, drawing from a diverse array of Western African cultural influences spanning Mossi to Mande traditions. The ensemble is recognised for their innovative blend of traditional styles with a Parisian twist. Employing instruments like the peul flute, balafon, kora, and a brass section, they craft a distinct sonic palette.

For more information, visit: https://www.jeromejouannic.com/