Daily Discovery: Ghazi Mikdashi – Quartet #1

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Ghazi Mikdashi is a multifaceted artist whose work spans architecture, music, and literature. In 1974, he unveiled his Quartets, an innovative musical project that merged traditional Lebanese music with contemporary sounds.

These compositions combine the rich tones of the cello with the distinctive sounds of the oud, complemented by the light, airy melodies of the flute and the rhythmic beats of the dirbaka. Mikdashi’s work in these compositions showcases not only his detailed approach to musical structure—akin to his architectural background—but also his profound respect for Lebanese cultural heritage, weaving it into a broader musical tapestry.

His musical contributions extend beyond this, including children’s musicals and puppet shows, offering comfort amidst the backdrop of Beirut’s civil war.

For more info about Mikdashi’s work, check out his official website