Daily Discovery: Flavia Coelho – Mais Amor

Brazilian artist Flavia Coelho‘s latest single, “Mais Amor,” serves as a vibrant introduction to her upcoming fifth album, GINGA, set to release on the 31st of May via French label PIAS.

The track blends samba rhythms with reggae and funk influences, showcasing Coelho’s dynamic vocal range and her ability to weave complex emotional themes through her music. “Mais Amor” is an anthem advocating for greater love and understanding in a challenging world.

The production boasts rich percussion, energetic brass, and an infectious chorus that emphasises Coelho’s Brazilian roots, setting the tone for an album that combines a variety of musical genres, including funk, house, and Latin American rhythms. Sung primarily in Portuguese, GINGA represents a new collaborative phase for Coelho, featuring work with acclaimed producers such as Tom Fire, Prince Fatty, Paul from Synapson, and Guts.

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