Daily Discovery: Flavia Coelho – Bira

Brazilian artist Flavia Coelho released her fifth studio album GINGA on the 31st of May, via [PIAS] Le Label after a five-year hiatus. The album features a variety of musical styles, blending energetic electric guitars with Latin American rhythms. ‘Bira’, the latest single extracted from the LP, combines cumbia-dub with synthesizers, showcasing Coelho’s dynamic vocal delivery. GINGA is characterised by its incorporation of diverse musical styles, including funk, house, samba, reggae, and amapiano, featuring Coelho’s eclectic approach.

Produced alongside her longtime collaborator Victor Vagh-Weinmann, Flavia Coelho’s album GINGA delves into themes of identity, resilience, and personal growth. This project marks a pivotal stage in Coelho’s career, reflecting a period of introspection and artistic maturity. The album’s inspiration stems from the musical scores of South American telenovelas from her youth, which influenced both the lyrical and musical direction.

For this project, Coelho expanded her production team to include mixers such as Tom Fire, Prince Fatty, Paul from Synapson, and Guts, aiming to enrich the album’s sonic depth. ‘GINGA’ seeks to reflect Coelho’s artistic growth and her reflections on personal and cultural identity, captured through the lens of her musical heritage and contemporary influences.

You can find more info and listen to GINGA HERE