Daily Discovery: Faris Ishaq – Nafas نَفَسْ Live in London 2024

Faris Ishaq performed “Nafas” live at the Tabernacles in London during the Palvision x Bethlehem Cultural Festival 2024, on the 7th of May showcasing his innovative fusion of Middle Eastern, jazz, and contemporary folk sounds, with a distinctive approach to the ancient nay flute.

The piece, titled “Nafas” which means “breath” in Arabic, emphasises the essential role of breath in mastering the nay. Ishaq’s performance integrates traditional Middle Eastern influences with modern jazz and folk elements, using leg-percussion to add depth. This approach not only showcases the nay’s versatility but also highlights Ishaq’s innovative techniques in expanding its sonic possibilities.

You can find more info and follow Faris Ishaq on his official website