Daily Discovery: Ensemble Sesiones del Sur – Aguita de Coco (feat. La Perla)

Ensemble Sesiones del Sur is a Leipzig-based ensemble composed of nine musicians hailing from various Latin American countries and Germany. Since 2018, they have been merging musical traditions from Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, and beyond, with the aim of crafting an album that pays homage to past transatlantic interactions while incorporating contemporary styles.

Established by Mauricio Vivas, the ensemble gained acclaim through monthly jam sessions, releasing singles and live session videos. In 2023, their debut studio album, Volvernos Aire, funded by Initiative Music, was released, featuring guest musicians such as Marja Burchard and Julio Alcocer. Their music intertwines Afro-Peruvian rhythms, baiao, Caribbean folklore, and West African influences, reflecting on transcultural relationships spanning centuries.

“Agüita de coco,” included in Volvernos Aire, depicts the struggle of labor and yearning for respite. The singer craves coconut water to alleviate both physical and emotional fatigue while contemplating life’s challenges. The song boasts a special appearance by the Colombian trio La Perla, renowned for their dedication to and research on traditional Afro-Colombian music. Established in 2014 in Bogota by Karen Forero, Giovanna Mogollón, and Diana Sanmiguel, La Perla has garnered awards, embarked on international tours, and released their debut album, Callejera, in 2022 via MamboNegro Records.

You can listen to and get your copy of Ensemble Sesiones del Sur’s debut album Volvemos Aire HERE