Daily Discovery: Elias Aboud U5 -Jurjīnah

Syrian percussionist and composer Elias Aboud, founder of the Ramal Ensemble, has released his latest composition, “Jurjīnah.”

Born in 1988 in Syria and a graduate of Damascus University of Music, Aboud performs on the frame drum, with Yazan Alsabbagh on clarinet, Saleh Katbeh on oud, and Basilius Alawad on cello.

Established in Berlin in 2016, the Ramal Ensemble blends traditional Middle Eastern music with Western classical elements, participating in international festivals and conducting workshops across Europe to promote cultural integration and musical diversity.

Aboud, who has performed extensively across Europe and is also a member of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra under Daniel Barenboim, showcases in “Jurjīnah” a fusion of traditional and classical styles, encapsulating his broad artistic and cultural perspectives.

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