Daily Discovery: DMac Burns + Victor Rice = Whatever It Will Dub

Victor Rice works his dub magic on DMac Burns’ track, “Whatever It Will Be,” transforming it into a vibrant new version, “Whatever It Will Dub,” live in the studio. This remix session took place at Studio Duke in São Paulo, Brazil, where, he enhanced the original mix, adding a fresh dynamic to the song.

DMac Burns, the project of New York City-born Danny McDonald, originally crafted “Whatever It Will Be” by combining reggae, dub, R&B, and indie rock, reflecting his diverse musical background.

Initially a solo project in New York, Danny’s music took on a global dimension after he moved to West Cork, Ireland. Partnering with Buenos Aires-born keyboardist Matias Saldivia Comas, they infused roots reggae and dub into their performances.

Their upcoming reggae album explores themes of ancestral healing and colonialism and includes collaborations with artists from around the world.

You can find more info about the project HERE