Daily Discovery: Castora Herz – Blanca Flor

Castora Herz has released a live music video for “Blanca Flor” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Palencia, featuring his band La Cuadrilla. This video, a highlight from his album This Is Jota released by Samain Music, creatively merges traditional jota with electronic music, presenting a rich array of interpretations of this classic Iberian dance and song.

Herz, originally from the town of Ampudia in the Tierra de Campos region, performs a vibrant rendition of the jota, a traditional Spanish music and dance form dating back to the 18th century known for its energetic tempo and is typically accompanied by guitars, lutes, and castanets, often in a 3/4 or sometimes 6/8 time signature.

The production of the video was led by Cucho Ramirez, a director from Palencia, and features elaborate stage design and dynamic performances.

You can find more info following THIS LINK