Daily Discovery: Boogieman and Samito – SHE (Amal Remix)

Hailing from Montreal, Boogieman and Samito form an electronic music duo celebrated for their groundbreaking and genre-defying sonic landscape. This unique blend incorporates analog electronic elements, with a focal point on their innovative genre, Ku-som.

Boogieman, also known as James Benjamin, boasts a versatile portfolio as a music producer, Grammy-winning audio engineer, and the owner of Breakglass Studios.

On the other hand, Mozambique-born Samito is an accomplished musician and creative with a profound passion for music and cultural dialogue.

Together, they craft music characterised by lively uptempo rhythms, deep bass lines, and entrancing Portuguese falsetto vocals, all enveloped in an experimental and immersive electronic ambiance.

From their latest mixtape, released via URBNET, “She” has been remixed by Amal, a New York-based producer who sees music as a fusion of textures. Amal has already embarked on two national tours and released diverse music, including his genre-defying EP Gleam. He’s also a member of the supergroup Black Rave Culture.

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