Daily Discovery: Autana Trío – Corre


“Corre” by Valencia-based Autana Trío brings a fresh sound that blends influences from Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia. Named after the Piaroa word for “tree of life,” the group symbolises the rich diversity of Latin American culture and music.

The trio draws from the varied musical backgrounds of its members: Rafinha Barros from Brazil, a multi-instrumentalist known for blending regional sounds with electronic music; Marcel Montcourt from Venezuela, celebrated for his mastery of the cuatro and other string instruments; and Ricardo Osorno from Colombia, a versatile bassist and composer with a background in jazz and folklore.

“Corre” exemplifies Autana Trío’s exploration of roots music and folklore, infused with jazz elements, offering a new take on world fusion.

To listen to “Corre” and support the trio, visit their Bandcamp page.