Daily Discovery: Aluminé Guerrero & Yeahman – Verte

“Verte” marks the debut collaboration between Argentinian vocalist and producer, Aluminé Guerrero, and French multi-instrumentalist, Yeahman. Released through Wonderwheel Recordings, the song intertwines Guerrero’s Latin American folklore-inspired compositions with Yeahman’s atmospheric electronic beats.

In “Verte”, Guerrero elegantly integrates acoustic elements with electronic rhythms, creating a captivating auditory tapestry that pays tribute to the rich and diverse heritage of her Latin American lineage. Yeahman, on the other hand, enhances the track’s complexity and depth by skillfully merging elements of folklore with ethereal electronic music.

“Verte”, which is extracted from the duo EP Hierba Mala, was born amidst the global lockdown in 2020. The song mirrors their desire to reconnect with friends around the globe. Featuring syncopated drums and looped analog synthesizer melodies, the track transports listeners into a soothing, melodic trance.

You can listen to and get your copy of the EP HERE