Daily Discovery: AJATE – Nagi Yoni

Tokyo-based band and Afrobayashi pioneers Ajate are back with their new single “Nagi Yoni,” a captivating blend of Afro groove and traditional Japanese Ohayashi music. Led by Junichiro “John” Imaeda, who discovered the similarities between afrobeat and Ohayashi during his time in West Africa, Ajate crafts a unique sound with handmade bamboo instruments like the jaate and piechiku.

Ajate’s electrifying live performances have lit up renowned stages in Japan and Europe, including Transmusicales in Rennes, Jazz à Vienne, and WOMAD UK. Their innovative music, combining Edo festival-style taiko drums, Nigerian afrobeat-inspired bass, and dynamic vocals, continues to enthral audiences worldwide.

Enjoy Ajate’s latest single, “Nagi Yoni,” part of their brand-new EP Dala Toni out today (17/05) via 180g and if you’re in Tokyo, join their musical journey at the Ajate Appreciation Party in Shibuya on the first Thursday of every odd-numbered month.

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