Daily Discovery: A. K. Yeboah & K. K.’s No. 2 Band – Nde Yen Da

AK YeboahAntony ‘King’ Yeboah– began his career playing ‘classic’ highlife in the 1950s.

Thirty years later, he hit upon the brilliant idea of writing songs in Pidgin, to attract a much wider listenership- especially among neighbouring Nigerians.

Yeboah’s pan-African electric guitar style was a shoo-in for the 80s ‘burger’ highlife style, and equally popular with Colombia’s burgeoning ‘picotero’ DJ sound systems. In fact this record is probably the perfect calling card for that innovative sound.

To this day, he remains a leading source of inspiration to budding Ghanaian musicians and recording artists the world over”.

Available here – https://bbemusic.bandcamp.com/album/nde-yen-da