Daily Discovery: A.G.A Trio – Wind Of Araxes

“Wind Of Araxes” is part of the A.G.A Trio‘s 2024 album titled Araxes. The album is influenced by the Araxes River, flowing through Armenia, Georgia, and Turkey, symbolising the shared heritage and diverse cultures of these regions.

Composer Deniz Mahir Kartal, along with musicians Mikail Yakut and Arsen Petrosyan, blend instruments like the kaval, duduk, and accordion to explore the musical heritage of the South Caucasus and Anatolia. Each member brings a unique perspective, merging diverse musical genres and experiences into a rich, collaborative sound. 

Kartal, rooted in Anatolian traditions, infuses the group’s sound with a blend of traditional and modern Anatolian influences from his Berlin base, notably through his project KafaNar that combines Turkish music with electronic elements. Yakut, a Georgian accordionist versed in folk, classical, and jazz, adds depth with his genre-blending style and improvisational skills, also from Berlin. Petrosyan, renowned for his mastery of the Armenian duduk, contributes a deep cultural resonance, drawing on his heritage and international collaborations to enrich the trio’s music.

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