Event Preview: Preview: Brian Eno & Baltic Sea Philharmonic @ Royal Festival Hall (London; Monday, 30th October 2023)

Words Jane Cocklin / Photo Cecily Eno

This month, London welcomes a pioneer in creation and exploration. The British-born composer Brian Eno has teamed up with the Baltic Sea Philharmonic to perform a rare live show at the Southbank Centre. Initially training to be a visual artist, Eno’s journey into music is one of collaboration and flair. In the early 70s, he ventured into the realm of music, playing with the pop-synth group Roxy Music. Starting out by manipulating sounds with a tape recorder and a synthesizer while sitting amongst the audience, it wasn’t long before he took the stage as a fully sequined member of the band.

Throughout his music career, he has produced and written for many famous names such as David Bowie and Talking Heads, in addition to writing many solo albums. However, his most artistically impactful contribution has been in the creation of his free-form ambient music. In this realm, he is often considered a technological innovator.

Brian Eno & Baltic Sea Philharmonic will be performing a live rendition of Eno’s The Ship. The Orchestra, led by musical director Kristjan Järvi, is a mind-opening collective. With musicians uniting from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sweden, the group shares a desire to immerse the audience in a multi-dimensional experience. By removing scores and music stands from the stage, they complement Eno’s values of free-form creative expression, energy, and impulse.

The Ship is divided into four tracks that flow into a fluid fifty-minute suite of music. Eno cites his inspiration as coming from the sinking of the Titanic and “humankind’s balance between hubris and paranoia.”

This gig will feature a well-renowned set of European creatives, composers, and musicians all taking the stage to breathe life into the shape-shifting landscape of Eno’s composition. This will be a performance that gives you space to observe and yet provokes, immerses, and pulls you in waves into the very depths of the music.




Tickets for the event are available HERE