Mixes: Rhythm Passport Vol.72 – Basy Tropikalne

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To celebrate the release of their second compilation (Basy Tropikalne #2) focussed on the new vibes coming from Latin America and including “eighteen previously unreleased tracks by a mixture of already recognized and rising and promising producers from all over the continent”, we are thrilled to feature a mix from Polish netlabel, radio show, DJ sets, party-starters Basy Tropikalne.

The mix is really upbeat and club-ready in the first part – there are a lot of percussive driven and African drumming inspired tracks from the underground European circuit. Then, we’ve been noticing that there’s a big interest in the African patterns and the second part is purely kuduro, but in different forms with two drumming tracks from Mexico in the middle“.

(Mikołaj Kierski – Basy Tropikalne)

  1. Dr. Brodsky – La Epifania (Lola Manola Remix)
  2. Lua Preta – Noemia
  3. Dj Mellow & Magugu – Run Dem (Rolv. K Remix)
  4. DJ Plead – Liquify
  5. Mina – Saiya Mikamba
  6. MC Dois L – 7 da Manha (Chief Boima Afro Funky Remix)
  7. Karol Conka & Boss In Drama – Kaca
  8. Rolv K – Respira
  9. Boa Kusasa – Bheka (Lamento Remix)
  10. Boa Kusasa – Aluta (feat. K.O.G.)
  11. Badsista – Na Onda Babylon
  12. Klap – Popozao
  13. Lua Preta – Passado (feat. Kevin)
  14. Tony Quattro – Panama (feat. Lua Preta)
  15. Lua Preta – Quero Mais (feat. Morena Leraba) (Jowaa Remix)
  16. Majora – Rio Citrus (Tony Quattro Remix)
  17. DJ Polo – Swervin’
  18. Bamao Yende – Kaba Uchi
  19. Charly Black – Gyal You a Party Animal (Hagan Remix)
  20. B4mba – Badman Place (prod. by B Skippy)
  21. Saso – Sazon (feat. Dos Flakos & Michy Mata)
  22. Clod – Jogos Pequenos
  23. La Diabla – Lemon
  24. Ahadadream – Mylo Drum Dub
  25. Qwasa Qwasa – Simba