Gallery: Arsenal of Sounds #9 w/ The Shilla Ensemble & Yama Warashi (Woolwich Works; Friday, 2nd June 2023)

Take a peek at our gallery of photos and videos from the June appointment with Arsenal of Sounds at Woolwich Works.

Our musical adventure took us to the Far East, where we were enthralled by The Shilla Ensemble and Yama Warashi. Led by project founder Hyelim Kim (daegeum), who was joined by guest performers Ji Eun Jung (gayageum) and Ye Rin Lee (dancer), The Shilla Ensemble cast a spell with their inspiring tunes from the Korean Peninsula. Adding to the enchantment, Yama Warashi brought the Japanese roots of their band leader Yoshino Shigihara to life with a fusion of folk, jazz, and experimental music.

Take a look at Tato Fonseca’s cool captures and relive the performances.

Also, don’t miss our next monthly musical double-bill on the 7th of July, where we’ll be jamming to Cuban and Haitian music. The London Lucumi Choir and Germa Adan will be there with their amazing talent.


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Photos ©: Tato Fonseca