Event Preview: Arsenal of Sounds #7 w/ Lokkhi Terra & Bajabaah @ Woolwich Works (London; Friday, 7th April 2023)

And after having touched the UK, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, now it’s the turn of South Asia.

The April appointment with Arsenal of Sounds, our “first Friday of the month” series supported by Arts Council England and going on stage at Woolwich Works, brings us to Bangladesh and Nepal. Not only to discover and shine a light on the music traditions of those countries, but also to showcase how the London music scene has welcomed, integrated and eventually re-shaped and expanded on those sounds.

Both Lokkhi Terra and Bajabaah are indeed London-based artists who brought to the UK Bangladeshi and Nepali music, but also opened them up to the world, featuring in their compositions elements from Cuba and the Caribbean, Western African and the British capital itself. 

That’s how Lokkhi Terra has become one of the most appreciated and danced to “fusionistas” in the UK scene, blending Bangladeshi folk with afrobeats, rumba with reggae, while Bajabaah is an intriguing and up-and-coming folktronica interpreter, harmonising the traditional Nepali repertoire with electronica, experimental and urban beats.

One of the many, many things we love about music is that it broadens people’s horizons. Well, on Friday 7th of April at Woolwich Works, you will experience exactly that…


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