Event Preview: Arsenal of Sounds #3 w/ Amaraterra + Simo Lagnawi & Gnawa London @ Woolwich Works (London; Friday 4th November 2022)

Friday 4th of November at Woolwich Works will be all about the Mediterranean rhythmic connection! 

From the thrum of the tamburello to the clacking of the qraqab, there’s a hidden rhythmical fil-rouge that links the apparently worlds’ apart of pizzica and gnawa.

We are going to pull it out, unfold and dance to it on the third episode of Arsenal of Sounds, with the help of Amaraterra and Simo Lagnawi & Gnawa London.

The two acts are exciting, forward-looking and very London representations of the quintessential Italian and Moroccan traditions. The London residency of musicians has indeed helped them to bring new life and interpretations into those century-old rituals, without losing sight of the entrancing drive and inherent significance.

Join us on Friday 4th November for a Mediterranean crossing, from Southern Italy to Morocco, with the rapturous rhythmical patterns and dance moves of pizzica and gnawa!


You can book your ticket/s for the event HERE