Podcast: AfroIlluson #1 (with Maga Bo)

We are pretty excited today here at the Rhythm Passport HQ, because directly from Angola, we have the pleasure to welcome and share with you a brand-new podcast series dedicated to the Afro-Luso universe and its far-reaching music.

Curated by our “man in Namibe”, DJ Jota PAfroIlluson is a monthly show featuring old, new and yet to be sounds coming from Portuguese-speaking countries, also making room for their authors and interpreters.

We couldn’t inaugurate the series with a better guest than DJ, producer, sound-engineer and ethnomusicologist Maga Bo. Fresh from the release of his new solo album (the first one in 10 years) titled Amor (É Revolução), he had a wide-ranging chat with us, also giving us the opportunity to play some of his new tunes.

Set list:
. Daniel Jobim – Corcovado
. Maga Bo – Amor (É Revolução) feat. Dandara Manoela and BNegão
. Maga Bo – Axé Para o Bará feat. Mestre Antonio Carlos de Xangô
. Maga Bo – Ilu de Oya (Dengue Dengue Dengue Remix)
. Maga Bo – Congo Rei (Victor Rice Remix)
. Zé Manoel – Quando Eu Era Sem Ninguém
. Maga Bo – Labuta feat. Russo Passapusso & Roberto Barreto
. Maga Bo – Cadê Zé feat. Rosângela Macedo