Podcast: Radio Mukambo #543 – Millions of Grooves

BCUC delivers a masterpiece on “Millions of Us”, trance-inflected polyrhythms and spoken word combining spiritual yearning and angry denunciation from Soweto. It’s one of two albums of the week on Radio Mukambo.

The second is a musical bridge between Colombia and the UK, creating a new interpretation of Colombian folk traditions, London jazz and hip-hop called Mestizo.

We also listen to Dele Sosimi & Terra Livre in dub and interesting encounters between Electric Circus & Sahel Roots, Mulele Matondo Afrika & Jupiter Bokondji and Burland & Zongo Abongo.

You can download Radio Mukambo on www.radiopanik.org/emissions/radio-mukambo/

Album of the week: MestizoMestizo
Album of the week: BCUCMillions of Us

1. BCUC – The Woods
2. Mestizo – Borrachero
3. Terra Livre – Semente Ecocide Dub (Kota Alex Remix)
4. Dele Sosimi – Sanctuary Dub (Ten Eight Seven Mastered)
5. Sia Tolno – Ibe
6. Mulele Matondo Afrika + Jupiter Bokondji – Kinshasa Kiese
7. Electric Circus + Sahel Roots – One Est Ensemble
8. BCUC – Millions of Us Part 1 (My People)
9. Mestizo – Caminito
10. Alex Figueira – Esquiso
11. Woxow feat. Raashan Ahmad – Blueprint (Koralle Remix)
12. Burland & Zongo Abongo – Telephone No Wire
13. Original Son del Barrio – Fuck Babylon




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