Podcast: Radio Mukambo #542 – Echoes of Groove

Two genre-defying Belgian groups deliver our albums of the week. On “Ana Aïcha”, Gaïsha delivers a surprising new sound from Ghent that draws you into a hypnotic trip of oriental groove and psychedelic funk.

On “ Speech of Species”, Echoes of Zoo energises the dance floor with a fusion of punk and dub flavours, Eastern and Balkan sounds, animalistic sounds and Brazilian and West African grooves.

We also listen to fresh afrobeat by BANTU feat. Akua Naru, Sia Tolno and even Woxow, while we finish off the podcast with some reggae and dub music.

You can download Radio Mukambo on www.radiopanik.org/emissions/radio-mukambo/

Album of the week: Gaïsha – Ana Aïcha
Album of the week: Echoes of ZooSpeech of Species

1. Gaïsha – L’Amour Digital
2. Echoes of Zoo – Lizard Dance
3. Terra Livre – What An Illusion
4. BANTU feat. Akua Naru – Na Me Own My Body
5. Sia Tolno – Ibe
6. Woxow feat. Azeem – Enough is Enough
7. Zetas – Amo
8. Gaïsha – Ya Naghlate el blouh
9. Echoes of Zoo – Quarter Tone Starlings
10. Arky Starch – Uplift
11. Groundation meets Brain Damage – Forgiveness
12. Bassajam feat. Marcus Gad – Appreciation
13. Zion Train – Class War
14. King Kong – Call Mr Madden (Jungle Remix by Kmmy Ranks & Saimon Sounds)




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