Professional Cuban dance team known as P...Professional Cuban dance team known as Pete & Millie showing off fancy variations of newest dance craze, the Mambo, at the Palladium ballroom as enthusiastists watch from the sidelines. (Photo by Yale Joel//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Your ticket to… Salsa

In 1970s New York salsa emerged, conquering the world in just a few decades. Caribbean migrants (mainly Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban) were at the heart of the Latin community, bringing musical styles such as cha cha chá, son, guaracha, mambo, bolero, plena, bomba and even Latin jazz. This breeding ground allowed a blend of all these rhythms, and salsa was the result.

Today, salsa is one of the most popular musical genres, both for listening and to dance to. It has abandoned its “Newyorican” identity and spread its groove all over the world, winning music enthusiasts and dancers thanks to its spicy and lively tempo, irresistible dance moves and cultural icons like Celia Cruz, Paquito Guzman, Tito Puentes and Willie Colon.

Contemporary salsa has earned a place of honor in the music market selling millions of records thanks to global pop-stars like Marc Anthony, Carlos Vives and Shakira. However, it is constantly rejuvenated and kept right up to date through the work of captivating new acts like BioRitmo, La33 and La Mambanegra.