Seas of Mirth x Ushti Baba ROUND 2


December 9


8:00 PM

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The Exchange, Bristol

Bristol, United Kingdom

The gargantuan event that hit the Jam Jar last year re-manifests itself at the Exchange – and we can go on til late!! Join us for what will be a wild winter warmer

Seas of Mirth
(last date of UK tour)

Nottingham based Seas Of Mirth are a high-energy genre-bending festival band with a trippy and interactive deep-sea twist. Fronted by the two founding guitarists Al Judders and C Ball Paul, their daringly inventive new album ‘Kriller’ covers everything from wonky disco funk to psychey prog-folk to worldly dance beats. On stage, the visual element is full on with UV lights, flamboyant white costumes and LED sea creatures on stage and in the crowd! It’s one big sensory experience, with a generous spoonful of humour. Having performed at major festivals including Glastonbury, Boomtown and Lindisfarne this summer, the band are ready to embark on their largest tour to date. This is an opportunity that anyone with an adventurous pair of ears must simply take the plunge on, and dive into the immersive and peculiar world of Mirth…

DISCLAIMER – the Venue and Artist take no responsibility for death by giant jellyfish

Ushti Baba

The Bristol megafok crew assemble in their masses to bring their hypnotic transEuropean melodies and traditional folk with modern beats

1hr set each band!

Support from Komboloi Star
“When Omar Souleyman got stuck in a lift with The Streets”

Early birds 10adv

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