Limehouse de Reverie With The Cable Street Rag Band at Jamboree


May 9 - 8:00 PM


May 10 - 1:00 AM

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Join us for our legendary Thursday night of old-style ragtime, blues, jazz and other old music from around the world, including Beguine and the odd Viennese waltz!

At Limehouse de Reverie our resident players are Ewan Bleach’s Cable Street Rag Band. As the name suggests, they are a band that formed at the Cable Street studios in Limehouse who play Rags. But that is not all. This is a old-style jazz band that also plays blues, song-book foxtrots and swing numbers along with other dance music from around the world, including waltzes, beguines, tangos and the odd polkas, All of their repertoire dates from the 1850s-1940s. In 2018 the band released the brilliant ‘Dust’ LP.

The band variously features:Ewan Bleach, Lauren Habert on reeds;
Aschmann and Cole on fiddles and vocals.
Joplin Parnell on piano;
FH Hebry on guitar
And Dave Nile on tuba

Entry (concert only): £15 / £12 / £8

Advance tickets:

The night is followed at 11.30pm by a jam, with musicians welcome to join in with Ewan.

*Entry free AFTER 11.30pm.


Limehouse de Reverie is a hot and wild jazz event like no other. Suspended in the cultural rebellion of the 1920s through to the sweet swinging 1930s, it is an escape from stiff necked imposing concerts with its dance-crazy energy and bohemian informality!The musicians, appreciators and swing enthusiasts, generate a fervent loose spirit. This is aided by regular off-the-record appearances from travelling musicians, talented singing locals from the audience and swing dance stars. There is a strictly ‘no dress code’, and a refreshing mix of 20-somethings to 60-somethings throwing themselves about merrily, arm in arm amongst Jamboree’s ramshackle hotchpotch of seating.

Host Ewan Bleach, referred to as “one of London Swing’s greatest assets” by Swing Out London, is a star clarinettist, saxophonist, pianist, singer and curator. He performs as a jazz soloist and is in several jazz outfits including Man Overboard, The Basin Street Brawlers, The Old Hat Jazz Band, The Dakota Jim Band and of course The Cable Street Rag Band. Ewan makes a yearly pilgrimage to New Orleans for inspiration and has toured with the renowned New Orleans band Tuba Skinny.

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