Podcast: Switchstance Radio Brazil Music Special (December 2022)

This year for the very first time Switchstance Recordings label head Tom Strauch created a 2 hours special on contemporary music from Brazil. After witnessing his first live samba during WOMEX 2022 in Lisboa and having many Brazilian musicians as his friends these guys convinced Tom to do a special on their home country’s music. The show was recorded on the 23rd of December 2022.

Africa and i’s music, the different rhythms and cultures had a huge influence on Brazilian music. Of course this was a result from more than 3 million slaves that were deported from Africa to Brazil. Those massive percussion rhythms, the feeling for a groove and the beautiful guitar melodies are just outstanding and make the music from Brazil really unique. Modern music styles like reggae and hip-hop are also big in Brazil. And even if you don’t speak the language (like Tom) it just grooves nicely with the rhythms. So doing a special about Brazilian music was a must.

Here we are now with the 2 hours special about the music from Brazil. Enjoy!

Track list:

1. Terra Berra – Höröya
2. Pan Bras Afreeke – Höröya
3. Dorme Não – Alma Djem
4. Griff (prod. Léo Grijó) – Afari
6. Vamos Ficar na Terra – Lucas Santtana
7. Garuda In Versão – Nomade Orquestra
8. Qual É (prod. Léo Grijó) – Monkey Jhayam
9. O Espelho – Chico Bernardes
10. Marcela, Cheguei – Guilherme Kastrup
11. Jardim Camburi – Fabio Carvalho
12. Mais Que Desejo – Ponto de Equilibrio & Maneva
13. Show Dos Passarinhos – Renzo Gold & Bells
14. Afronauta – Soltos e Prensados
15. Badass Gangsta – Buena Onda Reggae Club
16. L hymne au printemps – Diogo Ramos
17. Ni Una Menos – Laylah Arruda
18. Fiz Uma de Amor (prod. Léo Grijó) – Karol de Souza
19. Carranca – Victoria Dos Santos
20. O Corpo – Guilherme Kastrup
21. Os Menor Tá De 12 (prod. Léo Grijó) – Bocaum
22. Omo Eja – Victoria Dos Santos
23. Bedum – Nômade Orquestra
24. Aindadapada – Furmiga Dub
25. Ce jour-là – Diogo Ramos
26. Dez Total (Filhos de Gandhy) – Sessa
27. Lucro (Descomprimindo) – BaianaSystem
28. Sunu Waref (Original Mix) – Napalma
29. Yobalema (Original Mix) – Napalma
30. Karawara – Rommel
31. La Fontaine – Rommel



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