Review: Telefon Tel Aviv @ The Jazz Café (London, 24th March 2017)

Pulling you in by your collarbone, Telefon Tel Aviv defines electronica, and takes it to a level that makes their performance a memorable one.

Performing live at the Jazz Café Camden, one look at Joshua Eustis‘ audience will tell you that he defines originality and diverse connection, cuttingly new age, yet transcending and full, passing that energy on to his loyal audience. They will tell you; Telefon Tel Aviv makes music to define our journeys.  

Delicate layers of spectral milieu click-beeps and reverb smacks back suspense into your soul. Joshua makes music to sink into… exhale and appreciate the balance; pin-pricking, head-nodding attentions in software generated biting walls of intelligent sound. Cool calamity in his chaos. 

I have rarely witnessed a room of such deep swaying connections, spanning over a decade of devotion. Intensive, all faces forward. His shy smiles, side profile singing, nails on controls, profoundly captivating all present.

Something reflected in the band’s history; Telefon Tel Aviv is a proudly American New Orleans derived, Chicago-based electronic act originating in 1999. Joshua Eustis carries the legacy of his band following the tragic loss of Charles Cooper in 2009, performing his first UK gig in 8 years; his performance full of resonance, euphoria and pain. 

Telefon Tel Aviv scream they are alive in nuances which Joshua perfectly orchestrates; perceptions and filters; cold reality. Augmented warm hums and trips. Resonant repeat beats, all in suspense of sun-kissed chords, stroked in layers of translucency. Encasing any melancholy in comfort, like perspiration forming on a body in heat.   

Encompassing complex resonance. He takes you on a journey in reality, pain-waxed chorded and stretched. Smacked. Flicked and twisted, Intimacy in his music like a perspiring smile. 

Music that puts a calm breeze in your sunset, and seduction in the steam rising from your coffee.  

We all want to see Telefon Tel Aviv perform again.

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