Review: London Remixed Festival 2015

During the last five years Remixed Festival has colonised an entire borough of London. Shoreditch has become its fiefdom, and it is there it has sown its musical seeds, spreading its name and building a solid reputation around the East London borough’s venues. This year the festival echoed its debut in 2010 at Rich Mix. The event unfolded from the basement to the attic; the whole venue filled with music, dance and unstoppable vitality.

Remixed Festival still preserves its unique features, a mix of diverse musical sounds, a dancey vibe, talented musicians and a vibrant atmosphere. Partying music lovers gave life to a figurative parade, like an early Carnival which, instead of venturing through East London streets set out from the venue’s entrance to its fourth floor. En route the audience meandered through Rich Mix’s twists and turns discovering hidden corners, creating a bond between audience and location – a “mi casa es tu casa” feeling that would be hard to experience anywhere else in London.

From the main hall the partying processed up the stairs, or took the Disco Lift (an elevator crammed with music and impromptu dancers) to reach the other stages scattered around the building – Tropicarnival, Polka Club, Folk Ghetto and Electro Blues. Each area spread its individual sounds from Afro-Latin rhythms to Balkan brass, from the most adventurous folk to electro-blues, and the fashionable silent disco. Ensembles such as Nomad Collective with their artsy fusion, the groovy afro-funk of Jally K and Manding Sabu, Ushti Baba with their enthusiastic Eastern European mélange and the glorious London Afrobeat Collective graced this unique event, one that brought a breath of fresh tuneful air to a cold wintry London night.

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