Review: Chico Trujillo @ Electric Ballroom (London, 27th April 2016)

The historical Electric Ballroom in the heart of Camden Town, was indeed a ballroom on April 27th. Few bands are able to make the audience dance from the beginning until the very end, but Chico Trujillo is definitely one of them, with their music making it physically impossible to stay still.

Part of La Linea, The London Latin Music Festival that has been bringing the best that the Spanish and Portuguese diaspora has to offer since 2001, the night started with DJ Cal Jader of Movimientos and Rokola, the duo made up of Chilean Yuri Betancourt and Colombian Veronica Arcila, who warmed up the dance floor with Latin hits. However the real action started when the members of Chico Trujillo went up on the stage and performed their mix of cumbia, bolero, ska, Latin-American and Balkan beats.

Many Chileans and South-Americans descended to Camden Town holding flags and wearing football jerseys, ready to cheer for their favourite team. The venue transformed into a big cheerful party, where everyone danced and celebrated their South American-ness.

The band played a selection of their tunes, from their debut songs to their most recent, such as “Loca”, “Ahora Quién”, “La Cosecha de Mujeres” and “La Fiesta de San Benito”. None of which were unknown to the audience, who sang along to each and every one of them, no matter how fluent in Spanish they actually were. Chico Trujillo’s fanbase is wider and more diverse than what you may think, but one thing every attendee has in common: the will to let loose and have fun.

The truth is, there was a storm that hit the city that night, and it was not the rain that got the streets of Camden Town soaking wet. It was the twelve musicians on the stage of the Electric Ballroom who enchanted everyone with their trumpets, guitars and drums.

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