Review: Beardyman Dream Team Sessions @ Electric Ballroom (London, 20th January 2017)

“If you’ve got an attitude like ‘fuck it’, then get on up and let’s roll from the bucket”. This mantra from Beardyman and his dream team playfully sums up the improvisation, audience hype and hilarious mayhem that ensued.

This is a collective consisting of beatboxer Beardyman, scratch DJ JFB, slam poets Dizraeli and MC LeeN and a talented bunch of live musicians.

Together they construct a crowded stage that gels perfectly, getting the audience jumping in no time. This is like your friend’s 6am after party, where everyone gets on the mic for an inebriated freestyle session, proudly rhyming custard with mustard. But this crew take it to the next level, and where do you go when Beardyman ends? No house party could possibly top this energy.

The audience participate by adding random song titles to the bucket. The live band starts a groove and the poets start rhyming with their first dip. As the night proved, this can go both so wrong and yet so right.

The night peaked thanks to one spectator, when Dizraeli pulled out ‘Posh Harold’s Predicament’.

This song sent the crowd into hysteria at the fun-poking magic that followed. Dizraeli and MC LeeN stole the night, one imitating the posh voice of Harold, while the other imitated the dark voice of Harold’s inner-mind.

Harold’s night weaved through a number of disasters, eventually leaving him face to face with a hooker and no idea what to do.

Unfortunately the venue, Electric Ballroom, let the side down. The sound was fuzzy and lacked clarity, the staff were edging on rude and rushed and this attitude inevitably rubbed off onto the audience. Luckily the passion on stage conquered the bad vibes.

The mesmerising live streaming visual effects provided by Jim Horsfield and his ‘As Described’ team kept the crowd hypnotised with close up shots filtered with low-fi kaleidoscopic and retro effects. This was aligned with a perfect synergy backing the tornado-style vigour at the front of the stage.

If you are the good humoured type with an insatiable appetite for energy, then go and see these guys live. Or even better, see if you can persuade Beardyman and his pals to follow you to the after party. Maybe turn up the volume and see whether they can compete with you on ‘Colonel Custard, who only wears mustard’?