Podcast: Rebel Passport at Babel XP with Lucas Santtana

Rhythm Passport holders… Welcome back to Rebel Passport, our exciting podcast series in collaboration with Brussels-based collective Rebel Up. After a short break, we are thrilled to bring you another set of interviews with some of the most amazing figures in the world music world.

This time, we traveled to Marseille to participate in Babel Music XP, the “Mediterranean Hub on the World Music Map”.

In our first episode recorded at Babel XP, we had the pleasure of chatting with Lucas Santtana, a singer/songwriter, composer, and producer who has become an institution in Tropicalia music.

He recently released his ninth album titled O Paraiso via French label No Format!, and we had the honor of delving into the themes of the LP and the new Brazil.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this exciting new episode of Rebel Passport.


  1. Lucas Santtana – Muita Pose, Pouca Yoga ft. Flavia Coelho
  2. Lucas Santtana – A Transmissão
  3. Lucas Santtana – Errare Humanum Est
  4. Lucas Santtana – O Paraíso



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