Podcast: Radio Mukambo #492 – Animal Breakout

Breakout is the title of Echoes of Zoos debut album, on which animals literally break out their cages on a soundtrack made of adrenaline fuelled jazz infused with an eclectic range of western, oriental and African influences, made in Brussels. Album of the week on Radio Mukambo.

We also listen to new sounds by Okwei Odili & Aweto Band (Bahia/Nigeria), Ayuune Sule (Ghana), Èkó Afrobeat (Brazil), Rumble (France), Sons Of Kemet (UK) ++ a collaboration between Krak In Dub & La Perla ++ Rafael Aragon remix of Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble (Brussels/Cologne).

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Album of the week: Echoes of Zoo Breakout


  1. Echoes of Zoo – Breakout
  2. DJ Tudo e Sua Gente de Todo Lugar – Giro / Cura
  3. Okwei Odili & Aweto Band – Chop Your Moni Go
  4. Ayuune Sule – Tezaa So Ndeyine
  5. Echoes of Zoo – Lab Mouse Mayhem
  6. Èkó Afrobeat – Arruda
  7. Muito Kaballa – Mamari (Rafael Aragon remix)
  8. Krak In Dub with La Perla – Pedacito de Coco
  9. Rumble feat. Too Many T’s – BadXGood
  10. Guedra Guedra – Complementariness
  11. Sons Of Kemet ft. Kojey Radical – Hustle
  12. Echoes of Zoo – Rilke’s Panther
  13. Azmari – Kadiköy



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