Podcast: Radio Mukambo #482 – Zigzag to Africa and Back!

This week, Radio Mukambo takes you from Germany to Africa with Zik Zak, cd of the week by the German production duo Ancient Astronauts featuring upcoming vocalists and rappers from across Africa and the diaspora.

We listen to plenty of new releases & remixes from Brazil, London, Afro-Colombia, Angola, Brussels & beyond!

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CD of the week: Ancient AstronautsZik Zak


  1. Eparapo feat. Dele Sosimi – Who Invented Black and White

  2. Azmari – Cosmic Masadāni

  3. The Fontanas – Capoeira Mata Um (Tahira Remix)

  4. Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers – Ogou Bwe

  5. Plu Con Pla – No Mas Velorio (El Buho Remix)

  6. Ancient Astronauts feat. Shoeshine Buoy – My Vision

  7. DJ KL Jay feat. Amiri Anarka e Jota Ghetto – Territrio Inimigo

  8. The New Mastersounds – Fast Man (Rare Sounds Remaster)

  9. Kind & Kinky Zoo – Soif, Chameau, Pinot / Eau Chaude (Voodoocuts Remix)

  10. Ancient Astronauts feat. Spyda MC – Basonyiwe

  11. Ancient Astronauts feat. GP Rowdix – Simulizi Zetu

  12. Sumohair – Rum & Bass

  13. Batida – Ngongo J’ami (Batida Remix)

  14. Faraon Bantu y ChampetaMan – Vacile en Nueva Colombia (Dj Rata Piano)

  15. Lakou Mizik feat. The Soul Rebels – Manman Lavi