Podcast: Rebel Up’s Nightshop #83

Nightshop show for April ’21 for Radio Campus Bxl & Rhythm Passport with 3 hours of new global sounds. 3 songs of the day; semba by Joãozinho Morgado (Turma da Bênção), Persian hip-hop jazz by Roforofo Jazz and Colombian tropical artists Abelardo Carbono & Meridian Brothers.

Our albums of the month are by Moroccan solo artist CHEB, Cuban pianist Omar Sosa, a reissued classic album by Zimbabwe mbira artist Stella Chiweshe and deep afro jazz by Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble.

Followed by Ghanaian kologo player Ayuune Sule on Rebel Up/Makkum/Red Wig, Moroccan-London band Electric Jalaba fronted by Simo Lagnawi via Strut and the Libyan reggae sounds by Ahmed Ben Ali (Habibi Funk).

More electronic vibes by DJ Click & Hamadcha de Fes sufi-tronic project, French producer Praktika with Burkinabé & Malian influences on Blanc Manioc and to close with South African amapiano experiments by DJ Black Low (Awesome Tapes From Africa).

Download here: https://bit.ly/3g0MZox

Track list:
Joãozinho Morgado – Morgadinho
Roforofo Jazz – Helelyos
Abelardo Carbono feat. Meridian Brothers – La Cumbia Sampuesana

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: CHEBSma’ Balak (digital)
CHEB – Reklam
CHEB – Ajmal Balad Fi Al Alam

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Omar SosaAn East African Journey (Melodia)
Omar Sosa – Thuon Mok Loga
Omar Sosa – Che Che
Omar Sosa – Kwa Nyogokuru Revisited

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Stella ChiwesheAmbuya! (Piranha)
Stella Chiweshe – Vana Vako Vopera
Stella Chiweshe – Chachimurenga
Stella Chiweshe – Sarura Wako

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – NOW (International Anthem)
Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – Keep Your Mind Free
Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – The Body Is Electric

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Ayuune Sule Putoo Katare Yire (Rebel Up Records, Makkum Records & Red Wig)
Ayuune Sule – Life Is A Journey
Ayuune Sule – Don’t Be Lazy
Ayuune Sule – Tesan Nonge Taaba
Ayuune Sule – Tesaa So Ndeyine

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Electric JalabaEl Hal / The Feeling (Strut Records)
Electric Jalaba – Fulan
Electric Jalaba – Cubaili Ba
Electric Jalaba – Agia Hausa

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Ahmed Ben AliSubhana (Habibi Funk)
Ahmed Ben Ali – Subhana
Ahmed Ben Ali – Damek Majeb

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Dj ClickDj Click & Hamadcha de Fès (digital)
Dj Click & Hamadcha de Fès – Ganga
Dj Click & Hamadcha de Fès – Safa El Guembri
Dj Click & Hamadcha de Fès – Chadiliya

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: PraktikaBenkadi (Blanc Manioc)
Praktika – Fôli Folle Feat. Ko Saba
Praktika – Nodozo Feat. Simon Winsé

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: DJ Black LowUwami (Awesome Tapes from Africa)
DJ Black Low – Vula Vula
DJ Black Low – 60 Days No Sleep




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