Podcast: Rebel Passport at Babel XP
with Deli Teli

Authors: Marco Canepari & Seb Bassleer

A few months ago, just hours before their showcase at Babel Music XP in Marseille, we had the pleasure of meeting them. Now, in just a few days’ time, we are excited to once again immerse ourselves in their rhythmic and psychedelic music at the Ariano Folk Festival (and guess what? They have a full summer tour, including a stop at Sziget Festival next week!)

So, the time has come to share with you an interview we had with Arthur and Christos, two-fourths of the amazing band known as Deli Teli.

Hailing from Marseille, the mission of this Franco-Greek quartet is to breathe new life into the Greek repertoire of the 60s and 70s. They skillfully rediscover and reinterpret styles like tsifteteli, laiko, and rebetiko at large, while infusing them with a psychedelic sound from the Farfisa, the unrestrained energy of the electric bouzouki, and the smooth vibes of the Mediterranean.

Listen in as we delve into our interview with them, exploring the band’s aims, the origins of their sound, and their musical journey in the vibrant city of Marseille.

Track list:

1. Deli Teli – Chily Chily
2. Deli Teli – Boumpam
3. Deli Teli – Bournelis (Medley)
4. Deli Teli – Tsiftetelli 1969




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