Podcast: Radio Mukambo #520 – Reggae-dub take over

This week it’s strictly reggae and dub on Radio Mukambo. New productions from the past few weeks including The Spy from Cairo‘s new album “Animamundi”. We go from big names like Clinton Fearon, Groundation and L’Entourloop to emerging reggae singers and dub producers.

You can download Radio Mukambo on www.radiopanik.org/emissions/radio-mukambo/

Album of the week: The Spy From Cairo – Animamundi


  1. The Spy From Cairo – Animamundi

  2. Clinton Fearon – Social Unrest

  3. Marcus Gad – Rebel Form of Soul

  4. Jallanzo – Dub Chakra

  5. Zenzile & Irie Ites meets Trinity – Dread inna Babylon Discomix

  6. Youthie & Macca Dread – Makam Dub

  7. The Spy From Cairo – Mizmirized

  8. Kino Doscun & Youthie – Orestia

  9. Fresk – Prenons l’Afrique en main

  10. Groundation – Original Riddim

  11. The Spy From Cairo feat. Mambe Rodriguez – Criminal

  12. L’Entourloop feat. Lyricson, Queen Omega & Red Fox – Florilège

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