Podcast: Out Of Africa #4

This show is a trip through world music and global beats searching for the Oneness in humanity, regardless of all geographical, political, economic and all kinds of divisions, and identifications we might all have, in these times of uncertainties we search for Unity.  The unity that music brings to us…

We dedicate this show to the Angolan music from the 60´s and 70´s, and the influence latin music, mainly, merengue, salsa and cumbia had on the Angolan music from that time.

Music is the glue that connects humankind as One.

(Aired on June 23 on RFM Stereo, from Angola National Radio – Rádio Nacional de Angola)


  1. Elias Diakimuezo & Lourdes Van Dúnem – Ressurreição
  2. Sofia RosaKalumba [from Memórias; Ngola Musica, 2005]
  3. Artur NunesBelina [from Reviver Vol 1, 2015]
  4. Luís ViscondeChofer de Praça [from Angola 60´s: 1956-1970, Buda Musique, 2000]
  5. Zé do PauCaminhos da Liberdade [from Angola as 100 grande musicas 60/70 [Disc 1]; Iplay, 2009]
  6. Os KiezosPrincesa Rita [from Angola Anos d´ouro: Reviver os Kiezos; Sons D´Africa, 2015]
  7. Urbano de Castro Merengue Urbanito [from Urbano de Castro; Rebita]
  8. Ases do PrendaMerengue Bombeiro [from Angola: As 100 grandes músicas dos anos 60 e 70; [Disc 2]; Iplay, 2009]
  9. Loyale Star Band de Dakar [from Star Band De Dakar: Psicodelia Afro-Cubana de Senegal; Ostinato Records, 2019]
  10. Luís Quintero – Dale Palo [from Juanita Caramba; 1958]
  11. Alfredo Linares – Ritmo Caliente [from Alfredito Linares vol 2: The Colombia Years; Rocafort Records, 2021]
  12. Ranil y Su Conjunto Tropical – Muevete Mi Amor [from Rani e Su Conjunto Musical; Analog Africa, 2020]
  13. BauLuanda [from Inspiração; Lusafrica, 1998]
  14. Nany – Merengue da Nany [from Ketas da Banda: Various Artists; Sons D´Africa, 2016]
  15. Os TubarõesDjonsinho Cabral [from Pepe Lopi; Sons D´Africa, 1976]
  16. Bulimundo Democracia [from Batuco de Cabo Verde; Black power Records, 1982]
  17. Lancerdo Esperança [from Angola: As 100 grandes músicas dos anos 60 e 70; [Disc 1]; Iplay, 2009]
  18. Fe Fe Chico Semba [from Angola: As 100 grandes músicas dos anos 60 e 70; [Disc 2]; Iplay, 2009]
  19. Águias Reais Bazooka [from Angola Soundtrack 2; Analog Africa, 2013]
  20. Mamukueno Rei do Palhetinho [from Angola: As 100 grandes músicas dos anos 60 e 70; [Disc 2]; Iplay, 2009]
  21. Batida Puxa [from Dance Mwangole; Farol Música, Lda, 2009]
  22. Batida Bazuka (Quem me Rusgou) [from Dance Mwangole; Farol Música, Lda, 2009]
  23. Legalize feat. Prince Wadada Dred Lock na City [from Deus Vive 2; 2011]
  24. Ikoqwe – The End (Kamicasio) [from The Beginning, The Medium, The End and The Infinite; Crammed Discs, 2021]



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