Podcast: Out Of Africa #11

Out Of Africa – An in-depth trip throughout world music and global beats from an African perspective!!

In this show, we travel deep into the music from Cape Verde Islands, on the west coast of Africa. From the beautiful morna performed by the Queen Cesária Évora, Mayra Andrade, Paulino Vieira, Ildo Lobo and many more…through the revolutionary music from Bulimundo, the genius of Pantera and the majestic strings with Bau.

Cape Verde Island music represents in a singular way how different people from different places came to blend and create such beautiful styles of music!

Music is the glue that connects humanity as ONE!

(Aired on the Angolan National Radio on the 3rd of November 2021)

  1. Mayra Andrade –Regasu [from Navega; RCA Victor, 2006]
  2. Cesária Évora – Lua Nha Testemunha [from Miss Perfumado; Lusafrica, 1992]
  3. Paulino Vieira M´Cria Ser Poeta [from M´Cria Ser Poeta; Discos Monte Cara, 1984]
  4. Bana – Pontin Pontin [from Disco; Lusafrica, 1979]
  5. Ildo Lobo – Indondicional [from Incondicional; Harmonia, 2004]
  6. Tito Paris– Era Um Sonho [from Guilhermina, Universal Classics France, 2002]
  7. Cabo Verde Show – Supreza [from Supreza; Capriccio, 1979]
  8. Nancy Vieira – Sabura D´San Jon [from Segred; Praçanova, 2004]
  9. Bau – Raquel [from Tôp de Coroa; Lusafrica, 1996]
  10. Bulimundo – Dimocracia [from Batuco de Cabo Verde; Black Power Records, 1982]
  11. Ildo Lobo – Nós Morna [from Nós Morna; Lusafrica, 1996]
  12. Cesária ÉvoraPartida [from Cabo Verde; Lusafrica, 1997]
  13. Orlando Pantera – Batuku
  14. Bau – Luanda [from Inspiração; Lusafrica, 1998]
  15. Ildo Lobo – Cusas Di Coraçon [from Intelectual; Lusafrica, 2001]
  16. LuraNha Vida [from Di Korpu Ku Alma; Landy Star Music, 2005]
  17. Mayra Andrade – Tan Kalakatan [from Manga; Columbia, 2019]



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