Podcast: Mobile Recording Journey –
Albanian & Greek Grooves PART 3

Ady and Kasia, our good friends behind the Hit the Road Music Studio adventure, spent two years during the pandemic in Morocco, operating a mobile recording studio where they produced over 120 songs and supported local artists.

Catch a new episode of their journey and if you can, chip in to help them wrap up their their GoFundMe fundraiser. They’re just a few steps away from kick-starting their Music Production School in Morocco!

This episode transitions from Morocco to Albania and Greece, showcasing their experiences in Tirana, where they transformed villas into recording studios alongside Bondeko, Djembe Masters, and spirited 71-year-old artists, and their efforts with refugees in Greece at Habibi.Works, spreading love through music.

In this episode, Ady also offers a personal backstory for each tune, inviting you on a musical voyage.

Track list:

  1. Bondeko – Osmon Aga
  2. Albania Folk 1
  3. Bondeko – Jorjica
  4. Katrin The Thrill – Not Made of Steel
  5. Albania Folk 2
  6. AttilaMendez – Collect The Rent
  7. Los Cacris Del Rytmo – Tropicana
  8. Bondeko – Clandestino
  9. Yoriza – Farmaki
  10. ARA – Taribi Khav
  11. Askleri – Pera Se Ekeino To Vouno
  12. Reza and Ady – Gai Bazi (Live)
  13. Blexudes – Erimos
  14. Mina Stoker – What About Us
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