Podcast: Listen to the Label Vol.2 – Soundway Records (March 2019)

Here’s a brand new podcast for your weekend!

This time we’ve chosen to focus on who provide us with the precious “raw material” for our listenings and features: quality new music!

We are talking about those heroes who decided to launch, nurture and cultivate a record label (better if with an ‘independent’ in front of it). As the title suggests, Listen to the Label is our way to pay them a well-deserved tribute, disclosing and recognizing their invaluable work and letting them introduce it with words and tunes.

Our second guest is Alice Whittington (also know as Alice Says when behind the DJ-decks), label manager at Soundway Records.

Founded in London in 2002 by DJ and producer Miles Cleret, Soundway has constantly spread love for African, Caribbean and Latin sounds re-issuing musical gems from the 1950s to 1980s as well as publishing new albums of artists like Ibibio Sound Machine, La Yegros, The Heliocentrics, Ondatropica, Batida and many, many more…

A few days ago, in the SOAS Radio Studio, we had a nice chat (and so much fun) with Alice talking about what it takes to run a music label, some of her favourite tracks and being a woman in the industry.

Listen to the Label!



1. Kiki Gyan – Loving You (from 24 Hours In A Disco 1978 – 82; 2018)
2. Stimela – Mind Games  (from Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth
3. Los Invasores – El Raton (from Panama! 3 Calypso Panameno,
4. Lord Echo – Wo, There’s No Limit (from Harmonies; 2017)
5. Dexter Story – Bahir (from Bahir; 2019)

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