Playlist: Red Rooster Festival @ Euston Hall (Suffolk; Thursday 30th May to Saturday 1 June 2019)

It’s been said that many a blues legend has sold their soul to the devil. So, bring a black cat bone and your guitar to the crossroads at Euston Hall for May’s Red Rooster Festival. There will be blues, Americana, gypsy, and rock ‘n’ roll mixed with hints of calypso and Afro-funk, playing influences heard in the deep South.

Here’s a playlist of some of our favourite artists that will be hitting the stages at the festival. For any die-hard blues fans, this is a chance to dance with your demons all night long!

[mx_youtuber type=”playlist” theme=”dark” id=”PL-5lPrpK2pFvgfu8gpYe-70IMnOzkhPK0″ display=”title,description,meta” cols=”4″ rows=”3″]

Watch the full playlist: