Playlist: Metá Metá (May 2018)

We are always keen on finding out and disclosing musicians’ little secrets…and we are even keener to do that when we love those musicians.

In anticipation of their London’s show at Archspace (happening tomorrow), we asked Brazilian genre-defying and inventive trio Metá Metá to reveal their musical inspirations and current music listenings.

The result is a 15-song video playlist drawing plenty from the Brazilian tradition and experimental, bossa nova and MPB scenes, but also including Afro-Brazilian aromas and alt-jazz scents. 

Indulge in Metá Metá tasteful and never ordinary selection!

Track list: 

Negro Leo – Lek Lover
Siba e a Fuloresta – Meu time
Sons of Kemet –  Inner Babylon
Paulinho da Viola – Lamentação
Ifa y Xango –  Shavings
Domenico Lancelotti – Voltar-se
Deafkids Lâmina Cortante
Elza Soares – Banho
MC Loma e as Gêmeas Lacração – Envolvimento
Ava Rocha – Auto das Bacantes
Alzira e Arruda – Nada Disso
Tulipa Ruiz e Gustavo Ruiz – Tu
Meridian Brothers – Él No Está Muerto 
Maria Beraldo – Cavala
Dona Ivone Lara – Andei Para Curimã
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Watch the full playlist: