Playlist: Krak in Dub – In the Mighty Colombian “Jungle” (June 2021)

If you never listened to him before (which sounds a bit odd considering his 60 vinyl-rich discography), you might raise an eyebrow knowing that one of the most original and sought-after dub and jungle producers is actually a Paris-based Argentinian. Still, Krak in Dub is continuing to demonstrate the fact that you don’t need to be born where a style originated to become one of its most inspired interpreters.

KiD’s latest work, titled Catleya and published by Galletas Calientes Records in mid-May, reinforces that “rule” even further. It is indeed a good-and-proper dub and jungle album but, at the same time, it’s fully soaked with with Colombian and Afro-Caribbean traditional vibes. 

This gives the 10 chapters composing the LP a very distinct and bright identity, emphasised by the “special guests” enriching them, like Afro-Colombian outfits La Perla and Absalon & Afropacifico, and Bermudian singer Troy Berkley.

To know more about the origins and inspiration behind Krak in Dub’s riveting sound, we asked the “roots reggae junglist” to put together a playlist with some of the tunes that shaped his latest album…


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Photo © : Jonathan Pierredon