Playlist: K-Music Showcase (April 2019)

Every May, the KCCUK (Korean Cultural Centre UK) delights London with an exploration in Korean music. Thanks to a showcase going on stage at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, they shine a light on the new names and waves in K-sound.

2019 will be no exception, and on 7th May, you will have the opportunity to discover what’s happening in the Korean urban scene, meeting and enjoying the performances of three Seoul-based bands. YESEOgeorge and Dabda indeed present three original and distinctive takes on the South Asian country’s sound, showing (if there was any doubt) that Korean music lives not by K-Pop alone.

To get you into the event mood, we asked the organisers to compile a playlist for us.

Dig into the new trends in South Korean urban sound and don’t miss the K-Music Showcase at Rich Mixon on Tuesday 7th March!