Event Preview & Playlist: Hermeto Pascoal @ Jazz Cafe (London; Monday, 31st October 2022)

Every now and then, London is blessed by a visit from a Brazilian music institution. An artist who goes far and beyond any stylistic definition, eluding labels, classifications and tags.

That’s because Hermeto Pascoal has never put any limit to his creativity and musicianship and just like Brazilian music, his sound has always been mercurial, imaginative and boundless.

So, no wonder that they call him ‘O bruxo’ (the wizard). After 65 (yes, you read correctly sixty-five) years rocking and making his mark on the Brazilian and international music scene, he is still more than capable to surprise his audience with strokes of artistic genius, musical brainwaves and wizardries mixing together the quintessential nordestino sound of forró with…well, everything else.

…and it’s going to be no different on the 31st of October, when Hermeto Pascoal, followed by his trusty “sorcerer’s apprentices”, will put another music spell on London using the Jazz Cafe as his workshop.


- You can buy your ticket/s for Hermeto Pascoal show at the Jazz Cafe HERE