Playlist: Gitkin – Take Safe Passage aboard the Trans-Global Express (September 2020)

We have a soft spot for music travellers, musicians and music lovers who roam and wander to find new sounds and let their music join them during their explorations to grow and flourish. New Orleans-based singer, guitarist and producer Gitkin has always been an expert in rambling, professionally and leisurely speaking. As a guitar tradesman, he hit the North American roads far and wide, while as an artist, he gathered the most disparate influences and inspirations welcoming and listening to travel buddies’ stories, and exploring the world himself.

On the 18th of September, Gitkin released his second album, Safe Passage, out on Wonderwheel Recordings. Just like his 2018s debut, Five Star MotelBrian J (his real name) invites us to accompany him throughout his globe-trotting in sounds, where exotic and rootsy go hand in hand and where you can find yourself on a Greek island, the Sahara or in a Peruvian coastal town in the interval of a song.

To introduce you to Safe Passage in the most fitting way, we are more than thrilled to jump on board the Brian J’s “Trans-Global Express” featuring a very Gitkin playlist brimming with “funky-ass rare grooves”…

This is my ultimate ‘off the beaten path’ world funk mix I’ve been assembling over the last year. There is a mix of modern tracks with gems stretching back to the 60’s and 70’s.


Photo ©: Samuel Birdsong