Playlist: ‘Flying With Baba Zula’ by Adriana Cordeiro (June 2021)

Although we hardly venture into the movie and documentary realm, we love to make some excursions when we can and spread the word about stimulating releases.

Constantly Flying, a new film dedicated to Baba Zula, one of the most significant Anatolian rock bands, is indeed a refreshing and intriguing work shining a new light on the musicians, their city and country.

The documentary, which is still raising funds for the post-production (you can participate in the Kickstarter campaign and support it by visiting this link), follows the band for almost three years. The director, Brazilian music journalist and researcher Adriana Cordeiro, joined the Baba Zula’s caravan through its music pilgrimage around Europe for three different spells (August to September 2019, December 2019 to January 2020 and November 2020 to February 2021) and could record not only the band’s far-out live performances, but also an in-depth and accurate depiction of Baba Zula’s credo and philosophy enriched by first-hand interviews with the musicians.

Rock, psychedelia, Anatolian folk, but also an exceptional viewpoint on Turkish present-days and music pre and post pandemic world. If you think that a documentary on Baba Zula could possibly be just a mere music documentary, think again. As well as they are reflected by their music, Baba Zula is a world apart and a world within…

To introduce you to her work and her dedication to the band, we reached Adriana and asked her to express her very own take on Baba Zula’s music with a playlist…

Constantly Flying is a feature documentary about BaBa ZuLa, one of the most important Turkish psychedelic bands. A film about music, psychedelia and more in Istanbul. Directed by Adriana  Cordeiro. Up until this moment the whole film has been produced in a fully independent manner. Adriana launched a Kickstarter campaign to continue post-producing Constantly Flying. 

Here’s the link if you want to help her make this film reality: